Community Arts

Window Wanderland

Bring your community together by creating a magical trail in your local windows! Imagine the windows in your community coming alive with people’s imagination. Window Wanderland connects people and helps reduce isolation by turning streets into outdoor art galleries. It began in 2015 by an artist who had personal experience of isolation due to years of chronic illness, she wanted to cheer herself up and brighten the streets where she lived. Since then over 120 events have occurred worldwide run by local organisers and community groups. 

As a response to lockdown, Window Wanderland CIC started a ‘Share your love’ campaign to make a positive difference during the coronavirus outbreak. Each week they are  sharing artwork to download, colour and display. They are also asking for designs, maybe you want to feature your own version? Go to for more information or email them at

Source: Voluntary Arts Newsletter June 2020